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that the u.s. its not doing more to punish the filmmaker. meanwhi meanwhile, the body of ambassador chris stevens was returned home today. president obama was on hand as the remains of u.s. ambassador to libya, and bay area native chris stevens and three american colleagues were returned home. they were murdered by a mob on the 9/11 anniversary at the embassy in benghazi. the president vowed no u.s. retreat. >> making it clear that justice will come to those who harm americans. most of all, even in our grief, we will be resolute. for we are americans. we hold our head high. >> the protests widened. this was iraq. in lebanon, symbols of the u.s. got burned, at kfc and hardee's. this was gaza. many furious over the anti-islam film made. it's not just arab nations. protest as the cross the world in nearly 40 cities today. republican vice presidential candidate paul ryan, blamed president obama. >> what we do not see is steady, consistent, american leadership. that its what keeps the peace. and that is what we will have in a romney/ryan administration. >> team obama called that an attempt to
that go to u.s. citizens. now, the only people that get the money are those that ask for the money. last year, misha, 20 million people got free money from some of these sources... but 140 million americans qualify. >> o.k., you gotta break that down a little, because that seems a little bit unbelievable. first of all, when you say "give away," what do you mean? >> well, let me give you an example, o.k.? here is one bill. this is a... nobody reads this stuff, but this, this is bigger than war and peace. >> you just brought it along. [chuckles] >> yeah, this is bigger than war and peace. this comes from our u.s. government. >> o.k. >> and in this bill, they give away... there's language in here that says we're gonna give away money to people or companies or individuals or organizations that ask and apply, and this particular bill gives away close to $800 billion over the next few years. that's just one bill. now, there are dozens and dozens and dozens of bills that go through congress like this, where congress basically says, "we have to give the money away." most... >> but why? where is
help law enforcement. because they now had the perpetrator's dna profile. but back in the mid-80s, that wasn't the help it would be today. >> back in 1984 they could at least do a type of blood testing where they can determine whether or not an individual is a secretor or a nonsecretor. basically narrow it down to 20% of the population. >> roughly 80% of americans are secretors, meaning their bodily fluids contain markers for blood type. the other 20% known as non-secreters don't have those markers. >> the killer was a non-secreter. >> correct. >> and that meant it couldn't be lance. she told her friends lance threatened her with a knife. blood tests revealed lance was a secreto secretor. and he was hundreds of miles away the night of the murder. >> he was staying with parents working at the local gym there. they were satisfied he was not in town when this took place. >> so he was eliminated based on that. >> and what about ben angie's oddly unemotional boyfriend who officers thought acted strangely the night of the murder. >> did police check to see whether there were scratches o
and u.s. government. at the age of 4, he was abducted by his brazilian mother and cut off from his father. when he was 8, his mom died, but even then, his brazilian family tried to keep him there, never telling him that his distraught dad was fighting to bring you home. nobody told you? "dateline" chronicled his dad's five-year struggle, trying to get his son back, watching as the bitter legal rangling took its toll. >> so tired. mentally, physically. why won't they let me go home with him. >> through all of the set backs, des pair ration and heart break, his dad refused to give up. >> i won't ever quit on my son. >> never? >> never. >> how can you? >> sean had no idea how hard his dad was fighting, and when brazilian relatives were ordered to hand him over, sean was bewildered and terrified. >> you are a little boy. >> nine years old. >> on the plane ride home to the u.s., david goldman gazed in disbelief at the son he had been separated from for 5 1/2 years, but quietly he worried. the troubling question that hovered in everyone's mind, how could a 9-year-old possibly overcome so
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in the 1980s as part of the hit denver-based radio show "steven b. and the hawk." >> step loaf of here and say a few words to the radio people around the country? >> i think we can keep this short and simple. get a real job. >> he was really at his professional zbeep nix in denver. >> reporter: they were friends for more than 30 years. >> the guys that pioneered two-man morning radio. they were funny. they were great writers. they were great comedian. >> been here at kpke about 100 years? >> it was 18 -- who knows when you're having a good time? >> so true. lovable, everybody loves steven b. >> reporter: young sillia had a big crush on steven b when they worked at a hawaii radio station in the early days. she worked up her nerve. >> i went in and asked steven b if he would be my date to the beach boys concert. and he turned me down. and i was just like devastated, you know? and so i was sitting in my little sales cubicle -- >> reporter: what's the matter with me? >> the general manager walks in, and he goes, i think you need to know something. and i said what? and he goes, well, if you were a
and the female is described either spanish or indian. >> the first victim, a burly man in his 20s described a harrowing confrontation with the petite woman posing as a cop. >> he tells police that she handcuffed him and police find him wearing handcuffs and he also tells the police that the female officer cocked her gun here his head and a bullet popped out and police do, in fact, find a bullet on the ground. >> that case went unsolved. five months later, the same thing happened to an optician named terrell lavell. >> they had badges and told me to pull over. >> did they state they were police? >> yeah. they said they were police. there was a woman and a guy. >> female, white? >> no, she was indian looking. >> he is able to describe more detail of the car that pulls him over. a jeep cherokee, gray with partial gold rims with a flashing red light. >> still not enough to crack the case until the night lewis johnson became victim number three. >> the police are there with you now? >> johnson was inconsolable. she could barely put a sentence together but clear headed enough to remember the lice
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with a scarf in the stairway of their rental home in south hadley. he remembers flying back to the u.s. in a daze to comfort his shattered family, especially his youngest daughter. she was the one who had found phoebe's body. >> she told me that she had tried to undo the knots around phoebe's neck and couldn't. >> what is it as a father to hear that news? what races through your mind immediately? >> i think natural defense mechanisms in the mind let you take it slowly bit by bit and realize the full horror of it. >> reporter: and there was so much horror to absorb, especially when the rumors started. people in south hadley were whispering the most unsettling stories about phoebe's last days. they were saying that the young girl from ireland, dead just five months after she had come to america, had actually been driven by others to commit suicide. >>> coming up, what had been happening to phoebe? >> on the day of her death, phoebe's mom was telling police here are some clues. >> and how many people had known. >> they were afraid to come forward. >> when "dat ♪ i'd like to thank eating
from the '80s and '90s had been recently overturned and journalists examining the lorain head start case were turning up evidence that had not been presented at trial. most remarkable of all was the tape of that police lineup that led to joseph allen's arrest. >> number one. number two. >> released to a newspaper in 1997, the tape shows margie grondin's daughter hesitated when asked to identify the man who abused her. >> look at their faces one at a time. >> for eight long minutes, the girl stares at the men before her, reluctant to point out anyone, until finally, her mother margie grondin literally takes matters into her own hand. >> him. number two. >> you want number two to step forward? >> um-hum. >> the jury never saw that. because the prosecution didn't show it, and the defense team simply missed it. >> that information seemed to be somewhat hidden in the discovery and that may have just been overlooked. >> but that was not the only revelation on that tape this boy's mother, emily oliver, claimed she saw joseph allen near nancy smith's bus. at the lineup, she claimed joseph a
. >> reporter: one question left. exactly what happened on that fancy boat the last moments of steven b.'s life? doug remembered steven was angry over harvey's handling of his money. >> he had said that he was going to have a come to jesus with harvey. he was going to confront harvey about the money. >> reporter: did steven confront harvey over his lost fortune? is that what led to this? >> we believe they were both on deck and he walked up behind him and just walked up, put the gun in the back of his head and pulled the trigger, which can explain the lack of blood evidence. and he just pushed him over, or he fell over. >> reporter: it took five years and over 30,000 pages of evidence to build the case against harvey morrow. most of it hinged on the financial motive. all of it circumstantial. the detectives felt confident about the case they had so carefully assembled, while harvey, all the while, maintained his innocence. and then the very first day of the trial, the bombshell they didn't see coming. >>> coming up -- >> i thought, oh, my god, he's being set free. >> so many years and so many c
in the late 1970s. he went on to become an undercover narcotics officer. he also became a serial husband. four wives in all, marrying and divorcing twice before he met kathy savio in 1992. >> why do you keep getting married again? >> i don't want to be alone if i want to be with somebody. i want somebody to love me. >> once kathy was dead and stacy was missg, drew seemed to fall in love with himself more than anything else. it was his attitude, that swagger that brought him national attention. here's what he had to say about kathy. >> i don't mean to be fun neap heneap -- funny here, if you talk to our former employees, any body that knew her. >> this is what he told us about stacy. >> stacy was spoiled. i pampered her. a lot of that is my fault. stacy wanted it. she gator. she wanted a boob job. i got her a boob job. a tummy tuck. braces, laser surgery, hair removal. anything. stacy loved male attention. she loved being anywhere and having people pay attention to her. >> he was brazen even agreeing to participate in a radio contest off to win a date withdrew on the morning show weeks after st
standards. but temps in the low 60s weren't enough to chill the streets. there in the froth was a couple from michigan paula and kevin clint down from detroit on an impulse holiday weekend. >> how did the idea come together to go to south beach? >> paula. that was my baby. she didn't skimp on herself. and she liked to live the good life and going down to south beach, that was it. >> a down and back. hit the clubs, do some shots, hello, 2010. >> it was great. we had it all figured out. go down to south beach, celebrate the new year's come back on monday. >> but come monday the live in boyfriend and girlfriend pair were not on a plane to detroit. kevin was a worried guy wandering down the streets in a city he didn't go looking for paula. she was missing. the aspiring leggy model with blonde hair down to there had absolutely vanished. >> harvey new year. >> looking back if lady gaga hadn't been booked it at the hotel paula wouldn't have insisted on the trip and got separated. in miami kevin scored scalper's tickets for $700 each. >> this is the hottest ticket in town. she heard the celebrit
. >> reporter: nearby an officer spotted a nervous-eyed man with a bad '70s era afro wig. >> during the foot chase, the wig fell off. >> reporter: a man who steals a car he doesn't know how to drive and then bolts in a jimi hendrix wig might have been comical. but this suspect was also armed. >> he was putting his hand in his pocket, possibly trying to get the gun out. >> reporter: the gun and clip were tossed away in a footchase that ended when police zapped the man from a taser gun like this one. when the jolts wore off and the man was back on his feet, lieutenant blarek recognized a familiar face, someone he had seen just recently on tv. >> he was standing right there, right in front of me in the walmart lot when i said, that's the bank robber. >> reporter: the same ice-cold bandit who had held a gun to 19-year-old sarah maynard's head and demanded money. >> give me $50,000 or i'll kill her. >> a violent suspect, involved in two things we know of, and who knows how many others. >> reporter: could one of those other things be a missing person? just that day, the detective had become aware
bobbi as his wife samantha. >> to survive i became samantha. >> who was samantha sdmeel. >> s-- samantha deal? >> she was lonely, hurt. and trying to make it day by day, minute to minute. >> when you would approach another human being, did you want to just shout out, i'm being held against my will, get me out of here? >> i became fearful if i did something that was not approved. the revenge of dial was great. >> dial seemed ever more confident. in 1997 after three years on the lam, he started a pottery company called terra cotta gardens. >> dial advertised it on the radio, did an interview on the radio. >> unbelievably, the attention led to an invitation for the fugitive killer to speak at a women's luncheon at a local country club. >> near and dear to my heart -- >> where were you while he was out front entertaining the ladies who lunch? >> i was back at the trailer tied up. >> from there, dial and bobbi went to work on an industrial chicken farm owned by debra grace. she never doubted they were married, but she could see dial was abusive. >> he was like, i can beat her. she's my wife,
see red dots on my shirt. all over my shirt. i look back up and then i see about 15 police officers, s.w.a.t. officers, in the store. there he is, and they're pointing me. i'm like, me? they jump over the counter, throw me to the ground. i'm like what's going on? in walks a gentleman, plain clothes. comes up to me and said, leans down while i'm on the floor and says remember me? >> it was detective anthony angulo asking the question. the one poking around the house the morning lina died. among the first to be suspicious of adam's story. >> he says i don't want you to say a word. real nasty. he says you're under arrest for the murder of your wife. again, time froze. and i said are you kid -- total shock and disbelief and awe. i mean, this is not happening. this is a joke. this is a nightmare. am i having a nightmare? >> the medical examiner had ruled the cause of lina's death was mechanical asphyxiation. that she'd been choked to death. and now adam was being charged with murder. he was taken to the dade county police. locked away. >> i thought this couldn't be happening. >> but it was
, early 20s, wearing a white t-shirt, put a gun on him and swiped his bag coming off the number six train. mr. zappa. you, uh... you look pretty winded. you chased a guy with a gun all the way here? yeah. listen, my wallet and my laptop are in that bag. my whole life's in that thing. he lost him when the perp buzzed into this building. we gonna go knock on some doors? yeah. you, me and reagan. blake, i want you in the alley around the back in case this mutt squirts. ten-four, sarge. now, you-- wait by the car, okay, mr. zappa? yes, sir. all right, boys. (rustling, light clattering) who's there? come on. who's there? (dog barking in distance) (cat meowing, clattering) (woman yelling indistinctly, dog barking) heads up around back. heavy movement on the second floor. (over radio): rear apartment. we're moving in on it. copy that. (woman yelling, dog barking) police. open up. sarge, there he goes! he's on the move! don't move! don't move. we got him! cuff him. we got him. got a gun. oh, let me guess-- that ain't yours, huh? (gunshot) stay with him. put shots fired over the air. attention, 10
is the s in any city, just a smaller version. >> still, neighbors tend to know more of each other's business than they might in tuscaloosa, for example, which can be a nuisance if you need to keep a secret. especially if your secret is about murder. to begin with, this thoughtful young woman was just 17 in 2007 when things started coming apart in the way things do when parents don't talk about it. kelsey mayfield saw the troubled look in her mom's eyes, mostly. her mom teresa. >> i could tell she was very stressed. >> ever clear to you what she was stressed about? >> money would be the main thing. she just wanted to be sure she had enough money to take care of her family. >> a lot of that going around, of course. moundville not excepted. like so many americans kelsey's dad scott had to work two jobs, neither of which paid well, just to keep his head above water. >> very hard-working man. it took two jobs to take care of our family. >> but money trouble aside, teresa seemed to have a happy life, as anybody could see, including teresa's mother reba. >> all teresa ever wanted was to
as he tells it was nonstop fun and games. there are a lot of hot clubs here in the '90s. this is a place you were doing business as well? >> worked and played, yes. it was a good time. >> back then, he had no idea about the danger lurking 150 miles south and a life style away that would change his life forever. rural, tranquil illinois is where they were raising their 15-year-old daughter jessie and two other children, far removed from big city crime. >> everybody knew who everybody was, so they were more conscious of what was going on usually. you could count on somebody to get after your kids if they needed it. >> in 1993, jessie was a high school sophomore devoted to home and family. >> jessie was really very much of a home body. so one bike ride up the road and back, she was done. then she would be watching "gone with the wind." >> one monday in september, jessie went out for a bike ride. but just minutes later, her sister noticed jessie's beloved bike down on its side in the middle of the road. >> not on the side of the road, middle of the road. she would put the kick stand up, neve
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Search Results 0 to 29 of about 30 (some duplicates have been removed)